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Characteristics for steak stone set

Feb 05,2018

Characteristics for steak stone set

 Our steak stone set don't have any chemicals,we just do physics polished,it's safely and healthy cookware.

It'll produce infrared when the stone heating,can deliver heat to inside of food,keeping the fresh juicy. Control the temperature bettween 220~260℃ for cooking stone,is the best cooking temperature of public acceptable,don't produce carcinogens for high temperature.

The lava stone has many kinds of benefit mineral composition,can release and be absorbed by our body when it heating.

Pay attention pls,due to the material of lava stone is natural stone,formation process and pattern of each pieces isn't all the same,pls to get it when you choose,and the stone of our usage is passed certifications for less cracking,might be will appear slight cracking after using,it's belong to normal physics phenomenon of stone,so cracking can't as reason for return,pls buy with caution,thank you.